Monday, 29 June 2009

Robert Peston and the Aircraft carriers

It was obvious that costs would rise when the Labour Government delayed the carriers contract. The Government were warned. Yet, the scale of the rise, if Robert Peston is right is staggering.

However, if Britain wants to project force in far flung parts of the world it will need these carriers. Likewise if we want to provide humanitarian aide to similarly remote nations the carriers will be required.

I will be quizzing Ministers about these reports. We deserve answers - as do the workforce.


  1. From the BBC report..

    "Work on the two warships - HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales - had been delayed in December but was due begin soon."

    So this project hasn't really got going and it's already £1bn over budget???????

  2. It would be a brave politician to scrap these or reduce two to one carrier based upon our historic reliance upon aircraft carriers and that even Nato's remit extends beyond Europe.
    As ever the best way to reduce costs is to build them without delay.
    Having said that, they are big kit and one would have hoped for a more integrated NATO/European equipment strategy by now, like the NATO multi-national AWACS program.