Monday, 14 December 2009

Poetry plea

I wanted to share this little poem that I received from a constituent...

Dear Mr Rennie

Please make an appeal

Go go to Gordon

Secure the best deal

For all of the people

Who you represent

We cannae hae less

than 30 percent.

On Copenhagen

The Future depends

All eyes are all watching

The World is agog

Turn back the tide

We're fed up with smog

Cut the emissions

We all can breathe Free!

Today is the Future

Our World's destiny

Sunday, 6 December 2009

St. Dunstan's

I joined Derek O'Rourke and his team at the Co-op in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Dunfermline to help promote their fundraising effort for the St. Dunstan's charity.

St. Dunstan's wants an independent future for blind ex-Service men and women. For almost a century, it has been giving invaluable physical and emotional support to blind and visually impaired ex-Service men and women. With the help of their unique expertise, experience and comprehensive range of services, they enable them to lead independent fulfilling lives.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Carers' Right Day

As part of the nationwide Carers' Right Day I set up my stall on Dunfermline's High Street and was overwhelmed by the demand for information and support for the cause. A couple travelled from Glenrothes to lend their support.

I heard story after story about the difficulties that carers face including on finance and respite care.

Carers are entitled to just over £50 per week carers allowance and now a new pension credit. To find out more log onto Carers UK website.