Sunday, 6 December 2009

St. Dunstan's

I joined Derek O'Rourke and his team at the Co-op in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Dunfermline to help promote their fundraising effort for the St. Dunstan's charity.

St. Dunstan's wants an independent future for blind ex-Service men and women. For almost a century, it has been giving invaluable physical and emotional support to blind and visually impaired ex-Service men and women. With the help of their unique expertise, experience and comprehensive range of services, they enable them to lead independent fulfilling lives.

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  1. My 53 year old brother (Gerald Laker)is currently walking around the coast of the UK in aid of St Dunstans. He has just his two dogs for company. He left Southampton in January and expects to get home around January 2010. He is totally unsupported on the walk and carries everything on his back including the tent he sleeps in. When he passed through Fife I asked the Dunfermline Press if they would give him some publicity but they flatly refused. They said it was because he isn't from Dunfermline(?) I bet some of the beneficiaries at St Dunstan's are though.

    Sender Andrew Laker Carnock Fife - Sorry but this would only post if I used the 'Anonymous' option