Friday, 18 September 2009

T in the Park cleaners update

I've only just received this email from Big Day Out. It seems we may be getting somewhere with Easywaste and Big Day Out agreeing to mediation.

The mediation needs to be quick so that the cleaners get paid next week.

PO Box 25341
G2 5XS

18th September 2009

Mr Willie Rennie MP
Dunfermline and West Fife Constituency Office
2nd Floor
1 High Street
KY12 7DL

Dear Mr Rennie

Thank you for your letter of 16th September.

As you are probably aware we are in dispute with Easywaste, who were the waste management contractor for this year's T in the Park.

There were major failings in Easywaste's delivery at the event which resulted in both ourselves and Perth and Kinross Council having to take significant remedial action in terms of additional resource all at the expense of Big Day Out Ltd.

Without exaggeration, the problems caused by Easywaste's poor delivery could well have brought about cancellation of the event which would have had catastrophic consequences.  
Fortunately Tayside Fire Brigade, Perth & Kinross Council and other contractors worked co-operatively with us and we were able to continue with the event.

As you would expect, we were not prepared to pay the full contract price to Easywaste, however, they feel that this should still be paid.  We have made an offer to them which goes beyond what we think a legal settlement would result in as we want to ensure that those individuals that did work are paid in full, however, it seems that Easywaste still wish to make their projected profit in addition to that.  

Through our legal team we suggested mediation which was rejected, however, Easywaste's recent actions, including blaming the nonpayment of their staff on ourselves through public meetings and talking to the Daily Record, seem to have backfired on them, not least because it is their legal responsibility to pay the individuals regardless of any dispute with us.

After the recent coverage in the newspapers it would appear that they are now prepared to consider mediation and our lawyers hope to progress this as soon as possible.

It is of serious concern to us that individuals working at T in the Park have not been paid, however, we need Easywaste to come to the table to make this happen.

Best regards.

Geoff Ellis
*Festival Director*


  1. Hi willie you aren't my MP but was one of the TITP cleaners. Thanks for gettin on the case. Any more news? Haven't heard from Easywaste or Big Day Out :-(

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for taking this cause up. my son worked 7 days a week 8-9 hours a day picking up rubbish. it was a very unpleasant job. However he did it for the whole period of the clean up to raise funds to help him through his year at University. He was luckier than some as he worked for another agency for the first 5 days which paid him straight away. However he is seriously out of pocket which is very unfair as the job and conditions was disgusting and both easywaste and Big Day Out should be ashamed of letting young people who gave up benefits and students down so badly. the site was immaculate when my son was finished and it was horrendous after t in the park.

  3. sarah, I do understand you're point HOWEVER the reason why easy waste COULD NOT pay your son is due to POOR MANAGEMENT of t in the park through not allowing ALL of the workers into the park THEREFORE they did not fulfill their contract and is why t in the park refused to pay easy waste which is why your son hasnt been paid. maybe you should start pointing the finger at t in the park's management instead of easy waste.