Monday, 21 September 2009

Rosyth nuke subs - we need answers

For twenty five years we've had redundant nuclear submarines in Rosyth Dockyard. Yet despite endless promises about future disposal they are still with us and look set to remain there for many years to come if the latest news is of significance.

Two top advisers have been sacked in what seems to be a deep dispute in the team taking forward the planned disposal programme.

I've taken up the matter with the MOD and want answers. Above all else what's vital is that we put an end to this endless deliberation of the options. One sub has already developed three holes in the ballast tank. The community has been patient and tolerant of these subs but that patience is being tested now. The MOD should not take Rosyth for granted.

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  1. After the start to building the big hole for the submarines contract,The Labour government let us down and now we are getting closer to being a graveyard,instead of a dockyard.