Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday Mail - come on don't rip off our kids

I've got one unhappy 12 year old at home today. After my morning ramble up the hills this morning I dropped into Kinnesswood store to collect the Sunday Times and Sunday Mail.

My 12 year old son was delighted to see the special offer in the Mail for a FREE Star Wars toy emblazoned on the front page. Yet when he tried to redeem the voucher and collect his FREE toy he was told he was three hours too late.

In fact there we only sufficient toys to last 30 minutes - one box. Apparently the shop assistant has faced lots of angry children - and parents - today. It was hardly her fault but she was on the front line.

If the Sunday Mail values its brand it should immediately ensure that all stores have sufficient FREE toys to meet demand. And because today's vouchers are only valid for today they should accept these vouchers throughout this week.

Come on Sunday Mail - don't rip off our kids.

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  1. The answer is never to buy the tight fisted paper again.