Friday, 17 July 2009

Trident - initial gate delayed

It's good news that the Government has decided to delay the initial gate decision on Trident until after the Non Proliferation Talks next year. It'll help to give those talks a chance.

We had strongly criticised the Government's rushed decision on Trident in 2006. We said that the big decisions should be delayed until after the NPT talks - actually in 2012 - 2014 at maingate.

However, what this does show is that the Government are either playing fast and loose with their timetable or it was never that tight anyway.

It calls into question Labour's original proposition on Trident. What can we believe now? There must be a full debate on Trident and soon. We are at a crossroads and we need to openly debate the choices.

1 comment:

  1. It has to go. Simple as that. If one listens to those who say "we cannot predict what the world will be like in fifteen years"; that line of thinking is gravy train for the arms trade. We will never be rid of these terrible weapons which we will never use.