Thursday, 23 July 2009

The world has changed

Thanks to Labour's mismanagement and the world economic crises the public finances here in Britain have been devastated. That's why everything we wanted to do when the public funds were available will not be possible to do now that they are not.

Of course we can reallocate budgets, cut waste and ditch projects that we don't need but funds are now tighter so we need to make choices. Labour and the Tories may wish to try to fool voters but the Lib Dems will be straight about what needs to be done.

Fresh Start for Britain builds on Nick Clegg's successes of recent months. It sets our our values and principles in a way that I am confident people will warm to. It promotes our desire to make this country a fairer, safer, greener place and stronger in the world. Take a look - it'll be worth your time.

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