Saturday, 11 July 2009

Government exploiting 'can do' ethos of armed forces

The armed forces are proud that they can overcome almost insurmountable challenges in the most extreme circumstances. That can do approach is something we should be especially proud of.

But because the Government are starving our forces of the equipment they need they are turning that 'can do' ethos into a 'make do' burden.

Instead of helicopters to transport our troops across hostile territory in Helmand they have to make do with trucks.

Instead of properly protected armoured vehicles the troops have to make do with snatch landrovers.

Instead of safe surveillance aircraft the troops had to make do with Nimrods draped with aviation fuel and exposed hot air pipes.

When will the Government realise that if we ask our troops to do a job, they will need the proper tools to do the job?

The death of each and every serviceman over the last ten days has been an individual tragedy. We don't know the details of how these brave servicemen died but if it was because they had to 'make do' then the government must be brought to book.

If we are going to do a job, we must do it properly and safely. We owe that to our soldiers, sailors and airmen who put their lives on the line for us.

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