Monday, 6 July 2009

A big week for Chernobyl children

This week I will be joined by Victor Mizzi, Linda Walker and Brian Bennett at a meeting with Home Office Minister, Phil Woolas, and Foreign Office Minister, Ivan Lewis, to seek to persuade them to waive the fees for Visas for Chernobyl children from the Ukraine.

For years the Chernobyl charities have been focussed on Belarus as it was comparatively simple to operate there as opposed to Ukraine.

However, Victor and his colleagues discovered Ukraine again after the difficulties with presidential decree forbidding travel from Belarus for much of the last year.

But the Government here refuse to waive the visa charges for Ukraine even though they are free for Belarus. This has costed the charities a small fortune which is money they cannot afford.

Hence the meeting with the Ministers. They are smart people, I am sure they will see the merits of the case.

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