Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Muir Dean Opencast Coal Mine

Last week I visited the opencast coal mine at Muir Dean, Crossgates for the first time.

I was shown the mine operations, the safety measures, the temporary water treatment process, the development of the permanent treatment process and the mound.

I relayed the results of my quick survey of local residents who were concerned about the blasting and the water levels. ATH were surprised about the blasting and agreed to feed that into the safety process. They had experienced no difficulties with the water levels and encountered no subsidence as a result of any change.

I want to hear from local people about their experiences of the site.


  1. yet another opencast mining project granted permission despite objections by residents which always fall on deaf ears ,big businesses with big wallets will always get what they want,shame on you fife council,allowing the rape of the countryside and the total destruction of our landscapes ,the erasure of history and local archaeology and irrepairable damage to local wildlife, if you have any doubts about these claims and facts just watch what develops at loch fitty next door to scottish coals st ninians opencast site near kelty ,in the near future,i predict the site to expand into the loch ,which is reputed to be sitting upon vast coal reserves, it will be drained despite denials by scottish coal and the reason they will give will be because of its sub standard water quality, watch this space!

  2. I couldn't disagree with you more!

  3. The old fordell day level which has discharged water from the mineworkings in crossgates and surrounding area for over 200 years was running clear till the Dora opencast site excavated into the old workings causing widespread pollution in the old water levels. It was reported that a reed bed was used to rectify the problem when in reality all that was done was the infilling of the old discharge tunnel
    below fordell castle causing the water to rise in the workings and break out elsewhere.The new treatment plant at Muir dean will not drain the very extensive old mineworkings in the area which extend from Townhill/Halbeath to Donibristle. Flooding and subsidence will occur
    albeit not at the opencast site itself.

  4. i live closer than most to Muirdean. (400 yds, give or take)
    I cannot hear it, it is fascinating to watch, the water treatment seems to be affecting things for the better, and the speed and scale of efforts suggest that we'll see the back of it expediently.

    Yes, they appear to be drilling boreholes to expand the mine, but until Nuclear comes on stream (soon, please!) combined with reliable renewables, we need coal out of the ground as efficiently as possible.

  5. should have added...

    would welcome any insight into the timescale for mine expansion. ATH are keeping tight lipped, but the future target team are all over the surrounding area like a rash.

    thoughts welcome!

    will i need a ladder to get out of my front door, to my car parked at the bottom of a hole?

    toddle pip!