Friday, 15 May 2009

Driving instructors bill makes progress

I'm immensely grateful to MPs Alistair Burt, Jim Fitzpatrick and Chris Chope for their support today. If it wasn't for them my Driving Instructors Bill on the power to suspend driving instructors convicted of serious offences would have failed to get its Second Reading.

It's very unusual for Presentation Bills to progress without debate on Private Members Business. The Government and Official Opposition regard it as standard practice to object and it only takes one MP to object for a bill to fail to proceed.

Last month when my Bill was up for consideration it received an objection but thanks to Alistair, Jim and Chris the path was cleared today and it received no objection at the end of business at 2.30pm.

The Bill now goes to Committee for detailed consideration before returning to the floor of the House.

I've been at this for two and a half years following the sexual assault of one of my constituents by her driving instructor. Even after conviction he was allowed to continue teaching for six weeks before he was finally barred.

If the Bill passes all its stages the Driving Standards Agency will have the power to suspend immediately.

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