Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Launching the European Election Campaign

Today's launch of the Lib Dem European Election Campaign was feisty and upbeat. We set out the dangers of isolating Britain from our European neighbours.

Nick Clegg, Andrew Duff and Sarah Ludford were on top form, confidently setting out why a Tory vote would be a wasted vote in the European Elections. Their decision to cut themselves off from the mainstream of European politics by leaving the EPP group means they will have little say in the future direction of Europe.

The trio also set out why the Conservative isolation policies would make Britain a less safe place to live. The Tories are opposed to working together with other countries on justice matters like the European Arrest Warrant that has led to the speedy extradition of thousands of suspected criminals across Europe.

Finally, Nick was strongly dismissive of Labour. Stating that they are finished he argued that if Gordon Brown can't even make friends with his own cabinet it's not a surprise that he can't make friends with our neighbours in Europe.

All in all a good day.


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