Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Good landlords hit by housing benefit changes

In response to my question on Monday Work and Pensions Minister Kitty Usher dismissed the concerns of landlords who are getting stung by the changes to the housing benefit rules.

The changes mean almost all tenants now receive their housing benefit instead of it going direct to the private landlord. That is a good principle as it technically empowers tenants but too many are preyed on by loan sharks and other creditors leaving them vulnerable. The result is that landlords are left to carry the can and many are simply refusing to take on housing benefit clients as a result.

I fear for the effect on homelessness if too many good private landlords leave the sector.

We need a more sensitive system that ensures tenants and landlords do not lose out. The minister says councils have the discretion to reintroduce direct payments before the eight week deadline for non payment of rent but a fraction earlier is not sufficient. The trigger period needs to be much, much earlier than that.

I will continue to argue the case with the minister.

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  1. why or why did they decided to pay them directley
    this it not a good principle. how can it be your giveing somebody money and you expect them to pay
    you are wrong....... this is talking from personel

    i have 2 HB tenants of which none of them have given me the money which they have been paid, and when i try to complain to the council they are not intrested all they say is speak to the tenant ..... yea right when they decided to answer the phone ... and ge this if i start hassel them for rent ,,,,,they complain iam harrashing them ,,,,,,,, what a joke... i have to now try and take them to court at £150 per application to try and and evict the bums .. and that still not guatreed i whish i had never allowed these bums into my property .. all the law protect the tenant i say what about the landlord who protects the .. how can you think that paying the tenant direct is a good idea lets be honest first of all they are unemployed also they are already claim jsi and surely dont you think that if they know they can get an extra £300 in their pockets and full well knowing that they will get away with no paying their rent dont you think they would be jump at the chance, i mean how would it effect them not a bit ,, its the landlords who loose out .. i would be intresting to know how much is lost in HB payments not been given by the HB the landlord, i suggest they change this rule otherwise the courts will have to change the rule as there courts room become full of landlords trying to claim their rent back .... they will def get worst than it get better