Monday, 18 May 2009

Forth crossing funding

In my adjournment debate this evening at 10pm I will be begging (yes begging) the Government to step in, reach an agreement and resolve the current uncertainty over the new Forth Crossing.

The SNP Government in Scotland has been in power for two years now but despite the bridge being a priority they haven't settled the funding issue. The Scottish Futures Trust hasn't raised a single penny. They seem more interested in another bust up with Westminster that securing Scotland's premier transport artery.

If the SNP are so determined to use this as a political football I have no option but to seek direct support from Westminster who have already accepted the principle of direct support but have not come forward with new money yet.


  1. If the Norwegians can cut a Forth tunnel for about £40 million who benefits from the taxpayer paying £2 1/2 billion for it?

  2. C'mon Willie - not letting us be charged billions for projects that should cost £10s of millions should be the most basic part of any MSP's job so what is the answer?

  3. Hey willie, how about looking into how the budget is being spent on the forth road bridge as it is public money, and our MP's are being called to task for expenses at the it a good way to spend public money sending people to Dublin to look at a control room? when this could probably be done in the age of the internet etc - or changing the bridge logo (which cost public money) back to near enough what we had in the first place? surely somebody outside feta is looking at this sort of thing. Maybe if it was more scrutinised how the budget was spent then we could maybe save a few thousand pounds & make the new crossing that little bit cheaper?