Sunday, 18 January 2009

John Cairney

After a packed day of meetings and surgeries, Janet and I had a hugely entertaining evening at Blair Castle in Culross as guests of Roy McCormack (from the Culross Festival) and his wife. Out of retirement of the umpteenth time John Cairney had an audience of eighty or so spellbound for two stints of forty five minutes as he took us on a journey through the life of Robert Burns. He has a natural passion for Burns which I don't believe I have ever seen before.

John is such an engaging communicator as he pulled different members of the audience into his performance. Interspersed with the beautiful voice of local singer Mandy Vipond it was a splendid evening. It was a real Homecoming for John as he has recently returned from a life in New Zealand - I'm glad he's back.


  1. I envy you that, Willie - sounds great! I remember seeing an interview with Linda Thorson saying that when they did an Avengers episode together he kept coming up behind her and startling her with his spot-on James Mason impression, so he's clearly a man of many voices...

  2. Now that John Cairney is back in Scotland, he is launching his own video podcasts on