Friday, 2 January 2009

Dunfermline Heritage Walk

With family in tow and complete with camouflage (a Carnegie Harriers hat) today was an opportunity to learn about Dunfermline's heritage courtesy of the Carnegie Trust and Dunfermline's Heritage Guides led by the inspiring Jack Pryde.

When the official guides graduate from the Jack Pryde Heritage University a fine umbrella and a badge is the only evidence of their participation . That is apart from a sound and deep knowledge of Dunfermline's rich heritage. And there's lots to know as we found out as we travelled from the Mercat Cross, down the High Street, through the Glen, meandered the grounds of the Abbey and completed the tour in the Abbey Church Hall with refreshments.

However, my 4 year old son hasn't yet learned the finer judgements required for public life. Informing me on the steps of the Abbey that the tour is "BORING" is not something I want to hear when whispered but when the decibel level is sufficient to be heard at the dockyard it creates one of those awkward moments when a quick assessment of the effect is essential. I determined that quickly removing Stephen from the earshot of the group was the best course of action.

The walk quite rightly attracts a couple of hundred people each year and is a splendid way of keeping our city's heritage alive. Thank you to everyone who makes this annual gathering possible.

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