Monday, 12 January 2009

They make buses in Dunfermline!

Did you know they make buses in Dunfermline? Simclar is not just an electronics firm they also fabricate the bus shell for Alexanders in Falkirk and make the cable networks for Bombardier Trains. I spent the afternoon at the firm on Pitreavie Industrial Estate as the latest stage of my business tour.

That morning I plunged down into the depths of the dock at Babcock to witness the preparations for the construction of the aircraft carriers. It's a huge and surprisingly complex project that involves building the foundation runners for the super crane, new gates, a wider dock and a temporary dam to hold back the River Forth. There's certainly a sense of anticipation of great things to come at the yard.

Craig and Rose are the internationally renowned paint makers for the Forth Bridge. Based at Halbeath they are now a small volume specialist and high quality paint makers. With a sound business model they have been substantially insulated from the recession as they have not been dependent on the new build housing industry.

Towards the end of my four day tour I dropped into Parsons Peebles Generation which is a leading worldwide supplier of high voltage motors and generators. Their General Manager Troy Saunders is passionate about the business which after a few years of turmoil is now thriving and growing.

The drive and energy of our leaders and their staff is the most powerful asset that our business leaders possess.

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