Thursday, 29 January 2009

Carnegie College - an economic driver

This week the Scotland Office hosted a briefing session and reception for the Principals and Chairmen for Scotland’s forty three further education colleges including Bill McIntosh, the Principal of Carnegie College, and Graham Bowstead, his Chairman.

It was a valuable exchange – even after I tipped a glass of wine (fortunately white) over Bill’s suit. Bill – hope it’s dry now!

The part that the college can play in the economic recovery that will be necessary in West Fife to overcome this recession is immense. Upskilling and reskilling thousands of young and mature students, including those for the new Aircraft Carriers, is vital work. The college is a real economic driver. And Bill wants Fifers to increasingly be given the opportunity to study degrees and beyond through the college hence their tie up with Napier University.

Bill, with Graham’s support, is not only revolutionising the image, standards and efficiency at the college but is also playing an important role in Dunfermline’s revitalisation through the festivals, Royal Dunfermline and much more.

The College and Dunfermline has many challenges but with Bill I am confident that they can be overcome.

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