Sunday, 8 March 2009

Turn in or look out?

Turnout in European elections has been traditionally very low but with the five yearly polls only three months away this time they have an added significance on two fronts.

Firstly, people are angry about Labour’s recession. They’re likely to take this opportunity to send a message to my constituent about this mess. With Vince Cable providing sound leadership on economic issues I would suspect that many will choose us as a vehicle to send that message.

Secondly, there is a strategic decision to be made about the future direction of the nation. While the country is in recession do we turn in or look out to seek solutions? The Tories and SNP are clearly on the isolationist side of the debate and whilst outward looking Labour have preferred to blame other countries rather than work with them.

I usually love elections but June 4th I suspect I will especially enjoy.


  1. Hi Willie,

    Are you not concerned that Labour took such a battering in 2004 and the SNP also scored particularly badly (ending Swinney's tenure as head of the party) so the Lib Dems are in a bit of a tough position to make gains as even a fairly bad night for the Nationalsists or Labour could look good for them?

    This is not to mention that the Lib Dems are struggling to get a lift in the polls and 3 months is a fairly short space of time to turn things around.

  2. Jeff

    I think the circumstances for this set of elections are substantially different from the last.

    The polls are very fluid just now as they often are between elections.