Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Nimrod - turning can-do to make-do

Why has it taken fifteen months for the MOD to decide that the Nimrod aircraft are not safe to fly after all? The Defence Secretary in December 07 announced the findings of the RAF board of inquiry but allowed the Nimrod to continue to fly.

In fact why has it taken two and a half years since the crash which cost the lives of fourteen servicemen for that to be determined?

These aircraft were unsafe to fly with aviation fuel washing over a hot pipe but because of the pressure to support the troops on the ground with air surveillance the planes were flown.

It's about time the MOD realised that they should not turn the can-do ethos of the armed forces into make-do.

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  1. Hi Willie

    Have a look at my pal (Sunday Times Defence Correspondent) Mick Smith's blog - he has been campaigning on this for eons and would no doubt be interested to hear from you.