Friday, 6 November 2009

Carnegie and Duloch Primary Schools Catchment Review

This is the text of a letter from Donna Manson to parents, carers and other interested parties regarding the catchment review for Duloch and Carnegie Primary Schools:

"Public Consultation on the rezoning of the catchment area for Carnegie Primary School and Duloch Primary School

The result of the public consultation regarding the three options for rezoning the catchment area for Carnegie Primary School and Duloch Primary School will be discussed by the Education & Children’s Services Committee on Thursday 12th November at 10.00am.

A copy of the full committee paper and appendices can be found at

Once you have accessed this site, you should scroll down the calendar to the 12th November and click on Education & Children’s Services Committee. At the bottom of this page you will find the committee report and appendices.

The recommendations, to be discussed by the committee, are as follows:

1. In the light of the results of the public consultation, to approve Catchment Option A (catchment split at Trondheim Parkway)

2. To agree to dual catchment arrangements continuing at Duloch Primary School

I will write to you again on Friday 13th November informing you of the outcome of the committee’s discussion and provide you with further information regarding P1 enrolment procedures for August 2010 intake.

Yours sincerely

Donna Manson

Area Education Officer"

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  1. Any more information from Donna Manson then?