Friday, 21 August 2009

Super Carriers – refits in France?

The Ministry of Defence is seriously considering turning its back on Rosyth dockyard and awarding the contract for the refit of our new super carriers to yards in France, Spain or Holland.

A letter I received from the Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell confirms other confidential reports I have received. It reads as follows:

“As part of the development work, a range of options to establish the best value for money solution are being examined; these naturally include undertaking the work in UK dockyards such as Rosyth.”

Only “include”!

To even consider foreign yards when we have top notch facilities and a highly skilled workforce that is perfectly capable of doing the work on our doorstep only confirms that the MOD has lost its marbles.

We’ve already invested £50million in Rosyth Dockyard so that it can take the carriers, which will be the biggest ships in the Royal Navy.

The MOD number crunchers seem to think that by no longer supporting a yard they will cut their costs but whilst this may look good on a balance sheet it will not be good value for money.

This is the MOD that thought it was good value for money to spend an extra £1billion on the carriers without creating one extra job or any additional capability just to stay within the treasury’s annual spending limits.

Rosyth is the logical place, in fact the only place in the UK, to refit the carriers in future and the Labour government must tell those MOD officials to rule out foreign yards now.

(Pics: Top is Nazaire in France; 2nd is Rosyth; 3rd is Navantia Ferrol in Spain and 4th is Cherbourg in France. The letter is below.)


  1. What complete waste of a post.
    A pathetic scare tactic with no substance to it.

    Based on what you have posted there is nothing to say they are going to France, Spain or Holland.
    Show the rest of the confidential paperwork you have that actually proves what you are saying.

    I agree about the quality of the people and the yard itself but nothing and I mean nothing you have shown here actually says what you are claiming.
    Its states a review.

    Just because the Pars have a striker, does not mean he HAS scored goals.

    Show the rest of the docs please.

  2. Thanks for your measured response.

    I can't reveal my sources. Sorry.

  3. Then dont post then if you can not back up your claim.
    People these days are sceptical of politics.
    Politicians are viewed in a poor light and you are in that group.
    The 646 club so to speak.
    therefore follow the comments of your great leader and smarten politics up. Posting credible posts on your web site with evidence and substance would be a good start.

    Also an official post on the 21K rent issue with your MSP friend detailing full and open accounts showing this cost would also be a great help.