Tuesday, 18 August 2009

ASDA 24 Hours - but not really

I'm puzzled as to the ASDA definition of 24 hour opening.

One of the highlights of our successful Stockton on Tees holiday was the ASDA which was a stone's throw away from our camp site (the one with the top notch showers).     It proclaimed 24 hour opening but as we battled our way with the kids through the bucketing rain we couldn't work out why the masses of Stockton we not taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity.  The car park was empty - not a sole to be seen.

The answer?  24 hours didn't really mean 24 but only 14 and on a Sunday only 6.  Or did it only apply to the cash machines?  Do ASDA work on constantly switching time zones?

I can tell you we are only just recovering from the unfulfilled expectations.  ASDA - we need answers.



  1. Tesco also. Their Extra store in Salisbury has a sign about 2m high with '24' on it. In most weeks (those without holidays) it's open all 24 hours for only 4 days (Tues to Fri).

    I had no success when I complained to Trading Standards.

  2. No haddock, or plaice, or cod, even?

  3. sunday trading laws restrict it to 6h on a sunday or else they would open!