Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The universe is too big to think about

I prefer not to think about the universe as the whole thing is too much to contemplate. A new pair of fell shoes is a much better choice for brain energy. The numbers that the Chancellor was spitting out today were much too big to contemplate - 175 billion pounds of debt and more - so he opted to talk about the minutia instead. The trouble is that I can get away with not thinking about the universe whereas the Chancellor doesn't have that luxury with the economy.

Now, don't get me wrong, some of the minutia was important but that stuff should not have been centre stage. There was no great vision of a new world in the budget. Instead it was a hotch potch of different measures, worthy enough in their own right, but insufficient to get the passions raised.

If we expect the public to put up with the pain they'll want to know the gain first.

I was pleased by the coal carbon capture news that will enable up to four demonstration schemes to proceed. It means that Longannet Power Station has a great chance to show what it can do. It could turn Longannet it Scotland's green power house.

I was, however, very disappointed that the Chancellor didn't stump up the necessary funding to replace the Forth Road Bridge. The SNP failed to raise a single penny for it but I fear that Westminster may fail too.

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