Thursday, 2 April 2009

Time to explain and apologise...

In a debate that I led on the Dunfermline Building Society in the House of Commons yesterday I concluded with the following:

"People want answers, but I have absolutely no desire to have a crude witch hunt. That is not our style in Dunfermline; it is not how we do things. However, members, staff and the community want to understand what happened. They want to know how such a fine institution for 140 years could be wrecked in a few months. They want to understand why reckless decision making caused that to happen. I urge those who were responsible—those who were in charge—to step forward, explain and apologise. We will treat them with respect and we will listen but we ask them please to accept that request. The society of 140 years deserves it."


  1. Perhaps if Alistair Darling would have had his mortgage with the Dunfermline Building Society and not Northern Rock he would have used Government (our) funding to save it.

  2. Is it possible that someone is trying to make sure that Scotland is left without any of its own Banking/Building Society Institutions.