Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The power to suspend driving instructors

I presented a Bill in the House of Commons today on the power to suspend driving instructors. The “Driving Instruction (Suspension And Exemption Powers) Bill” provides for – wait for it – “the suspension in certain circumstances of registration and licences relating to the provision of driving instruction; to make provision about exemptions from prohibitions concerning registration (including provision about suspension); to make provision about compensation in connection with suspension; and for connected purposes.”

It follows the case of Lesley Anne Steele whose driving instructor was allowed to operate for almost two months AFTER he was convicted of sexually assaulting her. I am attempting to close this loophole so that driving instructors can be immediately suspended upon conviction.

The Bill will receive its second reading on Friday 27th March when I am working to ensure it has a trouble free passage.

Here's the link to my ten minute rule bill debate on the subject from last year.

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